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Your subscribers can manage their own distribution group memberships in Active Directory simply by sending e-mail.

About Active Subscriber

Active Subscriber is a mailing list server for Microsoft Exchange.

Active Subscriber is an automated mail-list Administration tool which works with Microsoft Exchange distribution groups. Microsoft Exchange distribution groups are lists of mail addresses for bulk emailing.

Microsoft Exchange distribution groups are powerful tools, but can be a lot of work to administer. Active Subscriber allows your subscribers to actively manage their own subscriptions by sending simple email commands to Active Subscriber ("lists", "subscribe", "unsubscribe").

Active Subscriber:

  • plugs into Microsoft Exchange
  • works with and extends all recent versions of Microsoft Exchange (from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016)
  • puts list subscribers in charge of their subscriptions to your public distribution groups
  • frees you from list administration work
  • has a 30-day free trial period so you can try before you buy

For more information on the purpose of Active Subscriber how it works and how to operate Active Subscriber please see our features page.

Active Subscriber is a product of ReddFish Intergalactic Ltd. a software development company based in New Zealand.