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FAQ - Features

Product features of Active Subscriber

Active Subscriber uses standard Active Directory Distribution Groups. You can use Exchange Management Tools to create a group (or "list" in traditional list server terminology), edit group membership, set an owner for a group or migrate groups during upgrades.

Active Subscriber makes no proprietary changes to Distribution Groups and does not require Active Directory schema changes.

Active Subscriber automatically creates contacts in Active Directory when required.

You can change the responses that Active Subscriber makes to commands simply by editing plain text dictionary files. This feature also allows Active Subscriber to support multiple languages and provides the flexibility to customise all the responses that the list server makes to commands.

Subscribers can send commands in their own language, and Active Subscriber will attempt to reply in the same language.

Active Subscriber supports several different languages including:

* Danish
* Dutch
* English
* German
* Italian
* Norwegian
* Portuguese
* Spanish
* Welsh

Plus you can add support for your own language easily!

Active Subscriber mailing lists can have an assigned manager. If a list has a manager, all subscription requests are forwarded to the manager for approval. The manager simply clicks reply to approve the request.

New in Active Subscriber is the ability to assign a user group to manage a list, or all your lists.

Managed lists allow the use of the "silent subscribe" command so you can manage list memberships without sending confirmation messages to subscribers with every membership change.